Tuesday, October 28, 2014


smiling:: such a wonderful, charming email(s). Coming to know such interesting, gracious, kindred souls in this world.

liking:: attending my niece's baby shower on Saturday (I'll be Great-Aunt Em for the first time!!) and then going out to lunch with my mom and Eliza.

outing:: took Jane to her follow-up gastroenterologist appointment this morning. Overall, she's doing great. A few difficulties to work through and we know it'll just take time. I'll be heading out the door to my podiatrist in a few minutes. I'm trying to feel hopeful while at the same time worried about the pain that I'm wondering is normal or not. We'll see what the ultrasound shows.  Update: thumbs up. Slowly but surely making progress.

eating:: breakfast-- ground some brown rice in the blender for this morning's hot cereal. Added to some frozen mixed berries, freshly made almond milk, a sprinkle of chia seed, and a drizzle of maple syrup, it all made for a delicious way to start the day. Lunch-- made it up as I went. A lot of amazing flavors and textures going on in that bowl: chopped kale, red quinoa, chickpeas, golden raisins, raw cashews, curry, a touch of tamari, maple syrup, and rice wine vinegar. Yum-o.

reading:: The Mastery of Love (Ruiz), Women of Deh Koh: Lives in an Iranian Village (Friedl), Zero Waste Home (Johnson), The Rose Garden (Kearsley).

listening:: lots of Jessie Ware.

noticing:: wandered around the art museum the other day. Of course, lots of noticing going on. What I found interesting, though, was the observation I made about myself. The crystal clear realization coming to the core of me (although I've known this about myself for most of my life, but so much more powerfully that day ) that art profoundly touches, reaches, and speaks to such a deep place within my soul. Evoking something-- maybe just the creation process itself--reverent and holy and still. All forms of artistic expression (and these feelings that come with it) nourish me in a way I can't describe.

creating:: feeling a bit of a writer's block. A lack of inspiration. Stuck. Like I've said it all and have nothing to pull out. I know that these times come and go, ebb and flow, but it's frustrating nonetheless.

wearing:: brown ankle boots, purple pants, wheat colored tee (and a deep red tank peeking out underneath) with my new-ish thrift store jacket on top. (the mornings are starting to feel crisp!) I never would consider wearing mustard yellow, or this combination of colors until this past year, even though I'll acknowledge it's a color I gravitate towards and especially see throughout my house. But recently I'm absolutely loving to wear these rich, vibrant, and dynamic colors, and they just seem to work together on me and for me.

embarrassing:: okay, this is too good to not share. Mortified about the whole fiasco and even in telling the world about it here...but what the heck, all I can do at this point is laugh about it. (And I'm still laughing.) So a couple of Sundays ago, I was feeling all cute (in my dynamic colors), rushing to get out the door to take advantage of the beautiful autumn day and enjoy the five minute walk to church. Isaac came with. We stopped for a quick chat with our neighbor and friend Mike; thanking him for organizing Saturday's neighborhood "October Sky" extravaganza (kids and adults launching off their model rockets, a potluck, and outdoor movie of the same name.)  Isaac and I continued to casually walk on and turned the corner onto a busy road (remember that detail) where the church is. Walked in the filling chapel where Ron and Dewy stopped me to inquire how my foot was doing. The organ prelude was winding down, prompting us to head down the aisle to join the rest of the congregation and quickly find a spot. As I settled on the bench, Beth Anne rushes up to me and quietly, but urgently whispers, "Emily, I hate to tell you this, but the back of your skirt is tucked in..." Yes, TUCKED INTO MY UNDERWEAR. My whole backside exposed...

Blushing beyond belief, violently slapping both of my hands to my lap, blurting out a big belly laugh (I forgot where I was at that moment), immediately jerking around in horror to see one gentleman a couple rows down looking directly at me, he himself blushing as red as a boiled lobster and with a huge smile on his face. Like he himself was dying, bursting to let out his own stifled laugh. 

Oh. My. Gosh. 

I wanted to sink into that floor. Hide, duck, disappear forever. Thinking about everyone-- the folks driving by as I walked to church, my friendly male neighbors, the entire church congregation for crying out loud-- that had a "Sunday view"  they would likely never forget.

(You can laugh if you want to.)


  1. No laughing here. My dad was late for an office jog one day during lunch time and rushed out in his red briefs, leaving his gym shorts in the locker room. Oh, and, I want to eat at your house. Sounds delicious.

  2. Oh, Roger. Your poor dad...that's just too much.
    Thanks for the kind words and thanks for being here.

  3. Oh Emily, a line from a Mid Summers Night's dream "Lord, what fools these mortals be!!"
    I haven't walked out with my dress tucked in my undies, but I have "been allowed" by all who know me to walk around in two different shoes, I have gone to work in my slippers, gone to docters appointments with my shirt inside out, and upon finding it that way, had a meltdown. I have been so rushed that I left the house for church with some hot rollers still in my hair. Sometimes my husband notices and most of the time I think he wants a laugh. So I have a rule for friends and family, If you see me with tissue on my shoe, my undies showing, or I have my pj bottems on please, please have pity on me and let me know .HaHaHa

  4. Oh, Emily!! Perhaps a lot of those Joyful Noises in church were MEANT to be laughter. I think we just go off into a joyful place when we laugh, and close our everything but the mirth.

    One of my favorite memories of my Chris' Mom is her birthday---about 1988, I think---she was in her sixties, and a long-time business (typing, shorthand, bookkeeping) teacher. My DFIL had reached out that morning and written "I Love You" in shorthand on one cheek of her bottom in Magic Marker, and in trying to show it to us at the party that evening, she mis-calculated and dropped shorts, underpants and all, mooning the entire party. (to the great delight of my two pre-teen nephews, who were visiting for a week sans parents---such a funny floor show added tremendously to my "cool Aunt" factor).

    Remember Burns' ". . .to see ourselves as others see us,"---I don't think that was intended for HOW MUCH they see, sometimes.

    So enjoying having Eliza's lovely photos on LAWN TEA!


  5. Oh, my word, Rachel! Too much fun and what a MEMORY that will go down in history with your family!! I love the wonderful way you write-- so much detail, humor, and charm, as well as your carefully chosen words and imagery. I'm loving going through LAWN TEA so very much. You are delightful and I wish you were my neighbor.

  6. Love, love, love your sense of humour and that you share it with us! I have a real, real good story I'll share when I have some more time.