Friday, October 31, 2014

happy halloween!

before i climb into bed, i wanted to share some glimpses of the day.

our halloween celebrations have lasted a good two days here. visiting keith's work after school yesterday for a sort of trick-or-treaty tour, followed by pizza, doughnuts, cider, and pumpkin carving at home last night.

today i went to isaac's school to see "grandpa" come down the hallway with the rest of the school. he says this costume was the best yet. (plans changed at the last minute from his original star wars sand creature idea) every time we'd get in the car, he'd give me these one-liners (in creaky old man voice) of "now, respect your elders." or "oh, dang-nabbit", and "you young whipper snapper, you". totally cracking me up how every minute (even as i watched him walking out to his carpool ride this morning) he stayed in true character; getting the leaning over the cane, shuffled walk down like a pro. he was just so into it. gary and i think being in a play would be right up his alley.

more work-place trick-or-treating this afternoon with jane at her doterra job and then off with friends around the neighborhood. one of the funnest things for me is to see all the creative and fun costumes everyone has on. especially love seeing the grown-ups getting into the fun. (smiling at people driving to and from work. so fun.) also loved having all the kids (all but sam, of course... sniff...) home later for taco soup, laughs, and an alfred hitchcock. a treat in itself to have jane and gary home (and together) for halloween the first time in two years. isaac has his loot organized into piles and spread out over the kitchen counter and table. the plan is to invite a few interested friends to come over tomorrow to participate in"the great candy trade"-- a tradition our kids have carried out every year between themselves. complete with rules, procedures, and lots of negotiations. we'll see how it all pans out this year with friends.

hoping your day was full of smiles, fun, and sweet, too,



  1. Just ventured over through the link to ELIZA'S FAIRY MAGIC on LAWN TEA!


    1. What a delight it is to have such kindness and generosity, Rachel! Thank you for sharing this post and link on your wonderful blog. How gratifying it is to Eliza (and to myself, as well) to know that her creations and imagination can bring joy to so many. We love you, dear! xo