Tuesday, October 7, 2014

i wish for you

I wish for you dreams which never end, 
and the furious desire to achieve some of them.
I wish for you to love what must be loved 
and forget what must be forgotten.
I wish you passions.
I wish you silences.
I wish for you birdsong upon awakening 
and the laughter of children.
I wish for you to resist the downtroddeness, 
the indifference, the negative virtues of our times.
Above all I wish for you to be you.

~ Jaques Brel


  1. What? There are other potters in your life beside me? Actually, the little cup is quite lovely as are your fine wishes!

    1. Haha, Norris! Of course you win-- the most pieces on my shelves (all lovelies) and the gift of your friendship!

  2. Nice poem. Love the mug too!