Saturday, October 4, 2014

saturday morning drive

jane needed a ride to work early this morning.
said there's a "thousand mandarin emails to respond to."
and grateful to have some overtime pay.

i dropped her off, drove back home, 
and dashed in to grab my camera.
the light was just so pretty and there's just too 
much october goodness to ignore.

i've been easing off the crutches and scooter this week.
back in my boot and grateful 
for more independence and mobility.
things are slowly coming along.

i wandered around for nearly an hour.
pulling over and hobbling on out.
kind of went nuts with my camera.
like i was starved, it's been so long.
this gift of being allowed, once again, 
to do what it is that i love so much.

deciding, with a wide smile on my face,
that maybe, just maybe,
this might even be better 
than those old saturday morning runs.

have yourself a beautiful october weekend, my friend. 
as always, thanks so much for stopping by.


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