Tuesday, November 11, 2014

10 things

1. Yes, "everything always works out". All these plans, hopes, and dreams of theirs unfolding so beautifully and so generously.

2. The happy surprise to open the mailbox yesterday and pull out a sweet, handwritten card. Thank you and xo, Jennifer! 

3. Sparkly morning frost.

4. Sunflower seeds from the garden for the birds to feast on.

5. Soup to share.

6. Christmas surprises in the works. (Giddy with anticipation!) One of my favorite things to love about November. 

7. Cheery thumbprint cookies warm from the oven.

8. Finding and feeling an absolute passion. Joyful tears for this gift.

9. Early, still mornings snuggled with my books and my thoughts.

10. Tummy-ache sick day for him makes for a quiet day at home for both of us. Today's agenda: working on a puzzle together, playing a game of Scrabble, more time with the books, and a back rub. (of course.)


  1. Yesterday was Rememberance Day here in Canada. Your first photo of the maple leaf was very appropriate for your Canadian readers! Me!

  2. "These are a few of [your] favorite things" (minus the tummy ache). It seems to take so much work to keep life simple. Beautiful photographs!