Tuesday, November 4, 2014

along the walking route

I never get tired of this path. These views. This landscape which is my home. I suppose after years of walking and running along this route, it has become a part of my very soul. Sure, it's nice to see new things, (and if you know me by now, I'm always on the lookout), but I've realized that rhythm, routine, and familiarity bring a sense of comfort and stability to my life. And so I guess it just makes sense for me.

November's arrival has brought some frosty mornings. Today I donned my wool cap and gloves (a first this autumn) and set out after Isaac left for school. Gratitude filling my heart for the little things that really have become such big things to me: Gifts of bright sunlight warming and shining down upon my face. My foot feeling good enough to allow for brisk, long strides; these arms swinging happily by my side. A heart beating hard and fast, cresting the top of the hill. (oh, it's been so long!). Even the wonderful ability of being able to work up a good, good sweat. My hair all soaked. I don't remember the last time.

Later this afternoon, I took Eliza to practice her driving. As we drove back home, the sun was setting and the light was beautiful and golden. How could I resist? Instead of starting supper, I found myself running in to grab my camera and then turning the car around to go and try to capture some sunset glory along my beloved route. 

And that full moon hanging right above the mountains like that just about took my breath away. Hauntingly beautiful.

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  1. It does look beautiful where you wander. So happy to hear about your foot!