Thursday, November 13, 2014

first snow

What a surprise to look out the window today and see snowfall. I kind of had a hunch, though. The air just had that feel about it as I went out this morning for my walk.

I ran some errands. A list to cross off. Groceries to fill a cart. I found it sad that almost everyone I talked to had some kind of negative comment about the snow. The difficulty it makes for driving. The cold and dreary days of a long winter that is fast approaching and will linger on and on.

I don't feel that dread. At least not now in mid-November. (That feeling will most likely change come late February.) I love the variety and beauty that comes with each season, even though winter darkness and freezing temperatures aren't my favorite thing. But today, this first snowfall was magical to me. As the first snowfall of the year always is.


  1. Quail are such beautiful birds, and your photos highlight their exquisite markings. The cock's call is my favorite sound in all the world. The red berries and rose hips strike out against Winter's bleakness, at once powerful and humble. Maybe I can endure another Winter, especially if I'm walking on Rabbit Lane, all bundled up.

  2. Oh wow, that photo of the quail! Beautiful.

  3. I welcome the snow and all it brings, even the driving conditions (keeps our hubris in check!). I adore living somewhere with such glorious balance in nature, that we are so blessed to see Mother Nature tuck the earth into winter slumber and rejoice in that spring rebirth. Maybe I just love dirt too much?