Saturday, November 22, 2014

G & G

We are delighted to announce 

the forthcoming marriage of our son 
Gary to Greta.

The wedding will be in San Diego, California on
December 27, 2014,
with a reception here in Utah on the evening of
January 1.

Dreams do come true.

And we all couldn't be happier.

(all photographs credited to Louisa Jane Ballif, Greta's talented sister)

The proposal site...

 white roses, 
the custom-made, carefully and thoughtfully designed engagement ring, 
all a surprise and set up in the master bedroom of their future first apartment, 
the cozy, love-nest bench of early romantic interludes 
which Gary borrowed 
from the kind stranger's college town yard 
(with permission given, of course)
 for this most important of  occasions.

She sat while he knelt...


  1. Oh, Emily! I'm so pleased and happy for you, one and all. Congratulations to the entire both-sides-of-the-family---all of whom seem to be gaining wonderful blessings for Christmas.

    My Sis had a Christmas wedding yea, these many years ago, and I can remember the scents of the tree at the lodge for the reception, the cider, the candles, and how everything still seems bathed in golden light, from church to go-away car. And my MOH dress was a red silk gown---low bodice, long sleeves, with a peppermint-carnations bouquet. What lovely memories of such a glorious occasion.

    You're all surrounded by memories-in-the-making. I hope you thoroughly enjoy every one of them, for all of your life, and I wish you as much joy as our own "IN-Loves" have brought to us. We could not have picked better mates for our children out of a celestial catalog.

    Rachel, with candlelight and roses on her mind

    1. Dear, dear Rachel, you are a sweetheart, and everything you write here and on Lawn Tea brings a smile to my face. (Oh, how I've've been missing your postings, ,and hope all is well with you!) I love the images you shared of your sister's Christmas wedding. I can just picture it all in my mind. You do have such a gift with words and in expressing yourself. Thank you for your love, support, and kindness, dear. xo

  2. how beautiful, emily. congratulations to all! a christmas season wedding sounds wonderful. wishing gary and greta all the best. xo

    1. Heather, thank you for your sweet words and presence here. Yes, this holiday season will be memorable and special. Love to you, dear. xo

  3. Congratulations. I can't imagine having married children, but it will happen soon, as my oldest is 24. Best wishes to the new couple.

    1. Yes, Roger, it's hard to believe that our children are growing up and coming to this new phase in life. As always, thank you for stopping by.

  4. What a handsome couple they make! May G & G enjoy many years of happiness!!! I love that she sat and he knelt.

    1. Gasp! What a wonderful surprise to have a visit from our own dear GSL!! Thank you for making your way to my humble blog, and thank you for the kind nuptual wishes. Yes, G&G do make a handsome couple.

  5. Wow, wow, wow! Exciting news! Congratulations to the happy couple and you! Your first is getting married, man oh man, I can't even imagine one day being at that stage. A Christmas wedding, how nice.