Sunday, November 30, 2014


A list:

:: enjoyed sharing Thanksgiving leftovers and conversation (insert a much needed nap on the couch for yours truly) with two of Keith's sisters and their families.

:: "it's only a sliver" self-justification with all this leftover chocolate sheet cake and pumpkin pie.

:: long walks. hoping to burn all these extra calories from too much holiday indulgence. (see above.)

:: watching a few episodes of Middlemarch (a BBC production, of course), as well as the delightful documentary Advanced Style, also on Netflix. These fabulous ladies are awesome, full of life, and just plain inspiring.

:: after these six months of having Jane living at home after her return from Taiwan (rooming with Isaac), I helped her move back down to be with her old roommates in their college town apartment. Shopped with her to set up house. Felt that same old familiar ache in letting her go. Excited that she'll be closer to her friends and social scene. Glad that she can get back to the independence that she was used to for so long. Getting used the idea, the quiet, and the changing dynamics of having only two children living at home. So many mixed emotions about this.

:: scored some good finds at the thrift store. A few books, a beautiful blouse, and a perfect belt.

:: the niceness of getting the house put back to order and tidy.

:: Isaac's science fair project (constructing and learning about crystal radio) that he and Keith were working on all day yesterday. All these found objects gathered from around the house, all scattered on the kitchen table, and put together to make something not only really cool, but actually functioning.

:: Kung Pao Tufu, veg sushi, and lettuce wraps hitting the spot.

:: visiting G & G's new digs for the first time. Darling and charming and so happy for them. 

:: as kind of a last hurrah to autumn (gearing up next week to put up Christmas), I baked some loaves of pumpkin bread this morning to share.

:: preparing to address our church congregation this afternoon. Keith and I both asked to each share a 15 minute "talk", (message or speech) about parenting. Kind of ugh for me to do this (and especially with all that's going on this week), but at the same time grateful to recommit myself and be able to share the strong and tender feelings/experiences I have about my own motherhood and those who have nurtured me along the way. Wish me luck, folks.


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  2. What an honor that must be---to be considered as an example of such attributes!

    I've borrowed a line from above, in midst of our too-much, too much of these rooms overflowing with STUFF and stuff to be put away and disposed of and donated and tossed. The decorating and enjoying have been put by for the time that the floors are free of boxes, the countertops and tables divested of their great burdens of helter-skelter STUFF, and our hearts are lightened by the knowing that all is serene and smooth and clear.

    I've copied your ":: the niceness of getting the house put back to order and tidy." into a lovely font called Euphemia (doesn't that sound like a graceful, dignified favourite Aunt, who dresses neatly, speaks softly, and is to be trusted with confidences not shared with anyone else?)

    It's in HUGE letters across my screen beneath this page, and will be my incentive today, to get up and do what needs to be done. rachel