Friday, January 23, 2015

10 things

:: spending the afternoon yesterday making my own aromatherapy beeswax candles. So enjoyable and fulfilling, and oh, this lovely lavender-honey fragrance. Perfect. This might become a new (and addicting) hobby.

:: Isaac running over to the carpool lane, huge grin on his face, bursting to tell me that he won his class spelling bee. 

:: her kind visit and vase of flowers.

:: frosty filigree on the windshield.

:: blooming Paperwhites at my side. 

::  discovering purple sweet potatoes at the health food store the other day. Wow, these are almost as good as cake.

:: the nice opportunity it was last night to speak to the women and teen-age girls of our church congregation. "Loving Yourself Through Nutrition" the topic as part of an evening focused on health.  Feeling so good at how my thoughts and presentation came together. 

:: G & G wanting to go on a double date with us tonight.

:: the women and girls all out there doing Zumba last night and me just sitting on the sidelines watching. And even though part of me wanted so much to join them, I felt happier (the smile not leaving my face) seeing the joy and fun everyone was having.

:: from Sam's letter this week: "Yesterday morning we went to Denny's for Elder Paxman's birthday, and right as we were about to pay, the server told us that someone had already paid for all of us before he left. That was just so surprising, in south Tucson of all places. I am just so grateful for all of the blessings we get all the time, even if it is through other people, the Lord is always looking out for us which is a good feeling!"


  1. Stunning photos! Those potatoes sound amazing :)

  2. Such miracles. Thanks for giving me these glimpses.

  3. Hi Emily!
    Apparently my last attempt at responding did not go through, sorry! I am sooo happy for Gary and Greta... and you, growing a family is so exciting! As you read, through "Hibernate", we welcomed our first grandchild (Penelope) this year and are over the moon! I think I am going to attempt some candle making this weekend (we were suppose to go to Charleston to visit our college son, but plans have changed, yay for a free weekend!). I have the basic recipe from Heather, but I am curious, did you add honey? How did you get the lavender/honey combination? Feel free to email me at, If you want.
    Reading your blog is such a lovely part of my day... your attention to daily life is so refreshing...
    Hope all is well, my friend, and heal quickly!

    1. Hello, dear. Just sent you an email. Hope it gets to you and hope your candle making is a success. xo