Monday, January 19, 2015

a list :: greatest comforts

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.” 

 ~Edith Sitwell

:: nubby, thick socks
:: a weekend getaway stay at a charming bed and breakfast inn
:: chopping vegetables on a wooden cutting board
:: the sound of my children laughing together
:: boots crunching snow
:: campfire glow
:: cuddling
:: warm-from-the-dryer bath towels
:: walking in the door after school to the welcoming, homey smell of Mama's bread coming out of the oven
:: acoustic guitar
:: sitting, engaged in an interesting lecture
:: sitting on our front porch on a summer evening
:: candlelight, always
:: listening, in bed and in the dark, to the sound of rainfall
:: gentle pressure of hands placed on my head, invoking blessings of healing and comfort in my behalf
:: hands clasped around a warm mug
:: love poems
:: the pleasure and freedom of gliding my body through deep water
:: meandering through an art museum
:: to live at the foot of these mountains 
:: warm hands stroking soft skin
:: waking to the sound of birdsong
:: the surprise of seeing a handwritten note in the mailbox 
:: Chopin
:: cardigan sweaters, corduroy pants, and plaid flannel shirts 
:: soaking a tired, aching body in a hot bath
:: hearing my mom and dad's voices on the phone singing the Happy Birthday song to me
:: the kids gathered all around me while we read and read
:: the smell of fresh-cut evergreens
:: walking on warm sand
:: slipping into crisp, freshly laundered sheets at the end of an exhausting day
:: dancing slow in another's arms
:: the smell of wood smoke in the air
:: bookstores and libraries
:: the sound of wind rustling through the trees while I lay on the porch swing after dinner is through
:: Momo's buttered biscuits
:: a clean kitchen and a tidy house
:: a jug of fresh flowers on the kitchen table and by the bedside, too.
:: hugging
:: board games with Isaac
:: a prayer answered, a miracle manifested
:: pottery in hand
:: mashed potatoes
:: Sunday naps
:: laying on Dad's outstretched arm, smelling his unmistakable Brute aftershave, "making plans" in front of the fireplace.
:: Heber Valley
:: Grandma Fay's raspberry jam
:: the sound of a man's gentle voice on the phone
:: breakfast brought up on a tray
:: movies like Little Women, Jane Eyre, and Anne of Green Gables
:: the rare gift it is to feel connection to like-minded, kindred spirits
:: soup simmering on the stove
:: having my children rub my head or brush my hair
:: walking through fog
:: the sound of crashing waves, the smell of the sea 

What are some things you would have 
on your own Greatest Comforts list?


  1. Oh I like this, and share some of yours. Listening to the rain on the camper roof while we are all tucked in bed, trails in the woods and the smell of spruce, the autumn smell of decaying leaves, the smell of summer rain, freshly baked bread, the smell of rappie pie and I feel the magic of christmas, candlelight, lost in a good book, jumping into my daughters bed in the middle of the night and snuggling up next to her (because my husband is snoring!), soup on the stove, Abigail's chocolate chip cookies, tea....mugs and mugs of tea, gentle words just gentle quiet acoustic sounds, being in a place of historical significance, newborn babies, running in the snow in the dark. There are a few for you. So nice to think of comforting things. I notice lots of smells came to mind for me, interesting.

  2. Oh, my! I feel refreshed, rested, loved, warmed, comforted, soothed, replete and happy, just from yours. I'd be repeating every one of yours, probably, just not so eloquently, and adding a few Southern Comforts, as well---the scent of First Turning, the sound of the breeze or rain in big old trees on a shady lawn, walking barefoot in the just-mown grass, riding a horse down a blacktop road at midnight, smelling and tasting anything cooked in a black skillet, and the sheer grace of coming into a cool house out of that HOTTT Delta sun.