Saturday, January 3, 2015

a new year... and a few favorites from G & G's bridals

A quick but wonderful Sunday sunset stroll along the beach (Del Mar) in San Diego.

A very happy new year to you, my friend!

I truly hope your holidays were filled with joy, peace, and love. That the year ahead will be abundant and good for all of us. Like you, I'm grateful and ready for new beginnings, opportunities, and growth. Anxiously anticipating what the future holds for myself and those I love.

This week was so very wonderful. A lovely Christmas Day, and then off we drove to sunny southern California for Gary and Greta's wedding on Saturday, the 27th. 

Since that Saturday, a week ago today, and then the reception we had here in Utah on New Year's Day, I have dragged my feet in sharing it all here. (I did post some of my photos of the wedding day on Facebook.) It is just so special, so beautiful, so magical for me to possibly express. 

That day was one of the happiest days of my life. A little surreal, this marriage of my first born; a day I dreamed of for so long was actually now a reality, but at the same time, feeling so very present and mindful to every moment of that day.  Almost like I was a silent observer of it all. I always wondered how I would feel seeing my beloved son reaching this milestone in his life, but more than anything, all I could feel was such profound peace, calm, and gratitude. 

I guess this is what joy feels like.  Absolute and complete joy.

Joy in seeing my son happier than he's ever been. Joy seeing them looking into each other's eyes at the marriage altar. Eyes filled with devotion, adoration, and sacred commitment to each other and to God. Joy in literally receiving a precious new daughter into our family, a cherished, beloved friend into my life. Joy in feeling so much love and support from our family and dear friends.

I will share more of the wedding in the next little while. 

The last few days have been one big exhale. Rest-- emotional and physical-- after a month of planning, rushing around, and Christmas. Soaked long in the tub after we got home; legs and feet aching after standing and walking around in heels for hours at the reception, the whirlwind eleven hour car ride to and from California. Spending all day yesterday in my pajamas. Allowing myself the luxury of sleeping in. Watching movies. Stacks of books to read (took Isaac to the library and a stop for sushi at Harmon's. "It's becoming our Saturday afternoon tradition," we both agreed with big smiles.) Keith and Eliza taking Christmas down today. The house getting back to fresh and tidy which I always love about January. Pancake dinner tonight with Isaac's friend over. Warm cookies coming out of the oven a little bit ago.

Looking forward to my second year participation in Heather's online Hibernation workshop coming up on January 12th. Perfect, as I will really be in true hibernation mode for the next four to six weeks. Because my most recent stress fracture (this one happening early September before my last surgery) hasn't ever really healed, the pain worsening and persisting, my doctor has decided that coming this Monday, the next step is to put my foot/leg in a plaster cast. And back to the crutches/scooter I go...

I'm trying my best to deal with this emotionally. Again, surrendering to disappointment, disbelief, sadness, inconvenience, and frustration. Even embarrassment in having to tell my story over and over and over. 

Here we go again.

Looking forward to a quiet day at home tomorrow. Heart-warmed with Gary's text to me this afternoon:

Sunday night we want to come over and make dinner and show you all the pics from our honeymoon. Sit on the bed and talk. :)

I can't tell you how much I love these kids.

Thank you to Carrie Elton Photography (Greta's talented aunt) 
for capturing such lovely images of Greta & Gary.

As my friend Carine put it, these two are so gorgeous, "they should be put on top of a cake."


  1. Yes, Emily the photos are gorgeous and you said it as only you can....the reality of watching your oldest wed. How perfect. I try not to think of that day to come really....I want them my little girls for a while longer! I am very happy for you and your family and happy you can truly rest now, and heal that foot of yours. Boy oh boy, I'm sorry you are still dealing with this. I love the hope a new year brings, lets toast to a healed foot and a new job for me in 2015! Hugs my friend.

    1. Thank you, my dear. Yes, I'll raise a glass to you finding your dream job. I just know it's going to happen!

      xo and lots o' love (as always)

  2. Slightly in hibernation myself for a while, but wanted to know that I've appreciated every minute of our friendship, from when we met on the Fairy Staircase---getting to know your lovely family and you are a sweet gift of this short season.

    Your newlyweds are, indeed, perfection worthy of a fondant pedestal, and their sweet personalities just shine through.

    I wish you well and warm and fulfilled during your rest and recuperation, and wish that I could download all these Mitford stories I'm reading for the first time for you as you have to be off your feet for a while.

    Best to you all all your Dearies,


  3. Dearest Rachel, I count our friendship as one of the sweetest delights of 2014. You truly have brought joy and smiles into my life. May peace, good health, happiness, and abundance be poured upon you and your own dearies this new year. Enjoy those Midford stories (a favorite, too) during your time of winter hibernation, and keep well and warm.

    Sending my love and a tight hug,