Tuesday, January 27, 2015

late afternoon light

While all the folks in New England 
are digging out from yesterday's big storm, 
we here in Utah are experiencing spring-like weather. 
I must say I can't complain-- it does make it easier for me to get around--
but still, it's weird to see the tips of my daffodil bulbs poking out of the ground,
some trees and bushes starting to bud.
And on my way to pick up the kids from school yesterday, 
it was amazing to see some runners out there in shorts. 
(Oh, how I wished I could join them.)

In other news, a huge burden was lifted for me this weekend.
Sadly, my massage studio had become a "holding station" (i.e. dumping ground) 
in our house for the last six months or so. 
We finally cleared this room out, took a carload to the thrift store, and put everything back in order.
Until I'm back in commission, 
I've decided to fully utilize the room 
by taking my table down and thus, opening up the space. 
Intentionally creating a beautiful, tranquil place 
solely devoted to my yoga and meditation practices, 
a room to lift my hand weights and possibly putting a stationary bike in there, too.
I can't tell you how much joy this has brought me; 
(why hadn't I been motivated to do this a long time ago?)
the peace I feel every time I look in or enter this room.
This room that was created as a haven of healing and peace 
for my clients, 
but now, I see,
for myself,


  1. This sounds so wonderful, Emily! I went ahh just reading, in the sense of how you are feeling as your type. A space of our own, I think, is so important. Also, I have the same hand weights in purple :-) I really want to fully use them, but continue to heal from a frozen shoulder (sigh), so have to do the right side with care.

  2. Simple and striking, photos AND words. A mere re-arranging of the way we look at things is a cleansing thing, and having an actual physical clearing of a space unthought-of as anything else than what it WAS---that's a mind-changer.

    . . .a haven of healing and peace . . . Perfect.


  3. We work so hard to provide for others, sometimes at the expense of ourselves. I'm glad you created this renewal space. I hope that cast can come off before too long.