Wednesday, January 7, 2015

ten things

1. Gratitude and pleasure of two hands cradling perfect warmth, slow delicious sipping from the mug of peppermint tea brought up before bed the other night. 

2. Sitting on the couch, looking out the window this morning and seeing the sudden appearance of that Blue Jay (berry in beak) perched on the porch railing.

3. Taking a tumble down porch steps. Crutches + winter ice + maneuvering stairs can be a scary combination.

4. Empty days for books and more books.

5. The pot o' beans prepared by dear Dennis. Phyllis's salad. Greta's lentil stew. Mane's roasted vegetables. The fridge is stocked and my heart is full.

6. Enjoying the last day of a few lovely leftover wedding bouquets.

7. Late-night Moonstruck on Netflix last night. Intrigued with Cher's hair. What would these curls look like long-ish? Hmmm... a possibility??

8.  Realizing that the concern, worry, and love will only continue to expand as our family grows.

9. A sunny blue sky.

10. "God Bless You" were the only words on the note. No name, no idea who would do such wonderful thing. Jane's apartment porch covered at the crack of dawn (she found the surprise waiting there before she and her roommates left for work and classes) with over ten bags of groceries for the girls. "Produce, no junk, and I think enough canned goods to last us all semester," Jane told me yesterday. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you to this anonymous earth-angel whose kindness and generosity have touched our hearts, brought tears to our eyes, and will never, ever be forgotten. 

God bless YOU, my dear.

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  1. My missionary daughter kept a miracle journal on her mission, a practice which I have begun since her return. Your blog post reminds me of a miracle journal entry: looking around to see the miracles placed in your life that you would have missed had you not mindfully looked for them.