Thursday, January 15, 2015

welcome winter

"In the winter she curls up around a good book 
and dreams away the cold."

~Ben Aaronovitch
Broken Homes

Winter hasn't always been my favorite. But this year, I've decided to enjoy this season for what it is. Embrace this time to slow down and draw inward. Relish this time to focus on rest and renewal and healing. Welcome this opportunity to hibernate, if you will.

I've set some intentions for these next few months. How I want to live each day. Writing down in my journal those things that make me feel good. Those simple, yet vital things that keep me well and keep me cozy during these sometimes dark and dreary winter days. 

I've always enjoyed a having a little corner of my bedroom to call my own. Since I'm less mobile and will be doing a lot of sitting for the next few weeks, I was inspired to create even more of haven and sanctuary where I can sit and read my books, snuggle with and read to Isaac in the evenings (I'm so excited that this routine and priority has returned again to my motherhood. That he's not too old for Peter Rabbit stories, as well as chapter books. We just started The Phantom Tollbooth last night. Fun.), journal, meditate, nap, or watch movies on my handy iPad.

A little bit of tidying, a few little additions of cozy lighting (I've never strung white lights or lit a candle in this space. What a lovely ambiance and mood this brings! ), potted Paperwhite bulbs and a beautiful gifted orchid nearby, a favorite mug to sip from, my aromatherapy diffuser providing uplifting scent, a basket of reading material at hand. Beautiful things I love.

What a difference these simple touches bring. This corner has not only become my favorite spot in the house now, but for the kids, as well. Hmmmm...

One bright spot last weekend was hosting Gary's Swedish friend Fredrik (who served with him as his mission companion in Finland, as well as the ten weeks they both spent at the Missionary Training Center here in Utah prior to Finland) and his father to our home for dinner. We were thrilled that they could be here for Gary and Greta's wedding. (By the way, did I mention that Greta was a missionary in Finland, too?)

Greta and I prepared some killer Indian food for everyone. Two curry dishes and some naan bread. (the pie and ice cream I bought.) Our house smelled just like our favorite Bombay House restaurant!

I'm learning to embrace the slowness of this season of the year even as I embrace this season of my life. 

I'm slow, but I go. I just need to allow double the time to do things. I roll around in my kitchen in circles on my handy, speedy red scooter. I can still make the bed, even if I need to crawl. I can slide down the stairs on my bum. I can still take outdoor photos from my car. 

My days are simple and simple is good.

I'm looking forward to the way this winter will unfold. Days of quiet, introspection, and intention.

So, welcome winter.
Let's get cozy.


  1. Even as you draw inward, allow your mind to turn outward, to see what there is to see, to be uplifted, and in turn to uplift.

  2. I'm glad you are making your intentions this winter to be introspective. A good time to do so, I do think. And perfect, you are a little preoccupied with taking it easy and healing.....a lovely complement. You are so spiritual to begin with, I'm sure your journey will be deep and fruitful. I wish you healing....that foot I mean. I wish you an interesting wander thru the doors of your mind. Peace I'm sure you will find. Can I tell you, I spent the entire night at another birth! Incredible!