Saturday, February 7, 2015

a very special art show

We took a special trip to the art museum this afternoon. 

Out of 1,000 submissions to this year's Utah All-State High School Art Show, 300 pieces were chosen. Both of Eliza's entries were selected. A pretty amazing accomplishment in itself given that she attends a small charter school. 

And out of those 300 entries, 30 are selected to be a part of the Utah Division of Arts and Museums Traveling Exhibition. Her Under the Influence was one of those.

We are so very proud of her.

P.S. Now for a little bit of Emily trivia:

Today was a trip down memory lane for me. Back when I was a senior in high school, I too was honored to have a painting shown in this same art exhibition. Me and now my daughter coming full circle today.


  1. How wonderful. I'm honored to know the artist's family.

    1. what an honor and joy it is to have your gift and presence in my life, dear roger.

  2. I, too, am honored to "know" this promising, powerful young artist. These simply took my breath, and I'll be back and back, I'm sure, just as I did with the fairy stairs.

    There's a depth of KNOWING in the pieces which belies her years, and a profound understanding of things and feelings. I simply cannot tell you how impressive this is.

    Emily, you've surpassed even yourself.


  3. Eliza,

    i could not NOT send this link to a friend in Scotland---he's a lovely young man, an art historian, and has shared many, many beautiful things on his blog---art and wonderful music and books I'd not have read.

    I don't share kitties and sunsets and little sayings along the internet, but this was absolutely such a profoundly touching duo that I really wanted to pass them along to someone whose opinion and taste I value very much.

    And I so apologize, though your Mom deserves so much credit, as well. I misspoke with your name, and so: Eliza: You've surpassed even yourself.


    1. dearest rachel,

      we are touched, delighted, and honored by your kind and generous words. the amazement that eliza's gift would even think of being shared with your young scottish friend-- how easy and rewarding a a gift it is to be connected to like-minded individuals all over the world. thank you for bringing joy to us this way.

      your words mean more than you'll ever know. like i've said before, whenever i see a note from you, my day is brightened.

      we love you so, dear friend!

      e & e