Thursday, February 12, 2015


outing:: a long awaited trip to the greenhouse (all but one plant in my studio dead) to pick out some new succulents. 

going:: to help Isaac decorate his "S'more" cake this afternoon to take to tonight's cub scout Blue and Gold banquet.

sending:: hoping Sam gets his Valentine package tomorrow.

amazing:: the spring-like weather we've been having this month.

creating:: I came upon the perfect coffee table last week at the thrift store. Yes, it was a little old and shabby looking, but it was well built and I could see potential. Spent yesterday sanding and staining and feel so pleased today with how this project turned out. It's been fun to "feather my nest" this month; rearranging furniture and adding some special touches that make our home comfortable, cozy, and inviting.

loving:: that Isaac wanted to meditate with me on Sunday. Later telling me he felt so relaxed and calm, and "wouldn't it be good if I could do it every morning before I go to school?"

eating:: a sweet and beautiful tangerine.

smiling:: Gary sending me this Mister Rogers link a little bit ago. love...

listening:: a Norah Jones kind of mood this afternoon.

gathering:: cards and treats to give the kids when we'll gather on Sunday for our traditional Valentine crepe dinner.

planning:: starting to formulate ideas and logistics for something special come July! 

wearing:: back in two shoes! My cast was removed on Monday, and I'm feeling what you could call "cautiously optimistic". More hopeful than I've felt for a long time. I limp around and am a little sore; trying to gain strength and range of motion.

thanking::  Shared this with my Facebook people on Tuesday, "...but I can't tell you how good it is to experience the simple joys of life this morning-- being able to once again take a bath instead of sitting in the tub on a garden bucket, being able to walk in my closet and hang up my clothes, not having to crawl up the stairs, to walk around my kitchen freely (and not rolling around on the "wheelies") on two feet while making the children's school lunches... so many simple things and abilities of life that are taken for granted so often."

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