Thursday, February 5, 2015

pushin' off

what the heck, 
i thought this morning--

i scoot to church. 
what's holding me back? 
what's two miles more?

determined and excited,
heart racing and sun shining,
i head on out,
warm enough without a jacket even,
and i push off, 
push off 
gaining momentum, 
rolling into rhythm 
along my old familiar route,
right leg strong and moving 
the rest of me along 
like some 
teen-age, feeling-so-free skateboarder.

heart beating hard and soon
sweat beads wet
these curls
while strangers in their cars
wave with friendly, encouraging smiles,
and a "way to go!" shout-out is heard 
from a runner-woman  
as I confidently and contentedly 
scoot and roll on

1 comment:

  1. Now, if "What the heck, I thought this morning," won't draw you in and get your attention, I don't know of anything short of LOOK OUT! and GUESS WHAT? that would.

    What a lively, inviting ride you took me on, and I DO admire your stamina and perseverance. Girl, you DO beat all!