Saturday, February 21, 2015

ten things

:: budding branches.

:: chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast this morning.

:: Eliza's 33 cumulative score on her ACT test. A perfect 36 on the English portion. Way to go, Pup!

:: her spearheading a "Poetry and Art Appreciation" club at her school. A well attended first meeting this week and an excited group of cultured teenagers. Double way to go, Eliza!!

:: craving greens a lot lately. A typical late winter occurrence for me.

:: purrfect pumps marked down to $10. Score!

:: Jane inviting me to go out for Indian at Bombay House on Wednesday night, then joining Averi later for a Chinese film at the university. So much fun.

:: Isaac reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy in less than a week.

:: strange and worrisome about the lack of snowfall this month. We did get about ten minutes worth this afternoon.  

:: maybe physical therapy is the answer.


  1. What a lovely list, with so many good things! The hopeful promise of those fat little buds, the round temptation of the pancakes, and the gleaming colour of the greens---all nourishing our selves. You've got bread AND hyacinths in there, with friendship and a sweet pride in your children---Eliza's impressive SCORE and Isaac's phenomenal devouring of such a complicated, intricate, wonderful tale, in such great gulps and swallows. All those wonderfuls, and the promise of SPRING.

    H0pe you're all well and warm!!


    Ii hereby bequeath and sign over to you each and every pump, heel, stiletto, wedge, vamp, heel and strap of every complicated shoe meant to be mine. Flat on land, and comfortable---that's my criteria, and I pray you to have my share of any others. Or set them free into the wild.

    1. Love you, dearest r. xo

      As I've always been a Mary Jane kind of gal, this venturing into (somewhat) new territory with heels is a little daunting. I guess I'm rebelling a little-- seeking more fun and sexy given the year in a cast/boot. Wish me and my (tootsies) luck!

  2. What a lovely post, I hope that if I ever get to Utah, I can come and have breakfast with you. I love those pumps, hope they are comfortable.

    1. Ramona, I would love having you over for breakfast! How fun that would be. The pumps, what can I say, they aren't the most comfortable, but I couldn't resist them when I saw them.

  3. Your kids are amazing! Congratulations. Look at those feet in such cute shoes. Ummm, I think Nova Scotia got all your snow.....