Friday, March 6, 2015

happy birthday G & G

Can you believe Gary and his new bride Greta share the very same birthday? Both turning 24 years old yesterday. Born an hour apart, a few miles apart, and later connecting and forming a friendship while serving missions in Finland. 

Soul mates on so many levels.

We celebrated their special day tonight in Salt Lake at Mazza, a favorite Middle Eastern restaurant. We feasted and enjoyed spending that time together. The kind Lebanese owner and Gary engaged in a little Arabic conversation, and we were delighted when he brought out a complimentary dessert selection in their honor.

We will continue celebrating on Sunday with a family dinner here and try out the ice cream maker we gifted Greta.

I so cherished this time with them tonight. Feeling so blessed with the joy and friendship they both bring to my life. Enjoying and loving this stage of parenthood with these adult children.


  1. How LOVELY a gift to share such a special event with your soul-mate! And what a special celebration you're having.

    Hope you're all staying well and warm.


  2. That really is neat, same birthday as your partner. Hey, you look great btw!

  3. I didn't know they shared so much in common. How fun. I hope that helps carry them for a long time.