Tuesday, March 10, 2015

'round here

:: While shopping for Gary's birthday bonsai at the nursery last week, I couldn't resist taking home some cut pussy willow branches and a cute little shamrock. Bringing the seasons indoors sure brings me pleasure.

:: the college recruiters are trying to lure Eliza these days.

Here's Sam the (Sun) Man standing in front of his little casa.

:: our missionary son is doing really well. Healthy and happy in Nogales, Arizona. (The U.S - Mexican border fence runs right in the middle of the city.) His Spanish is really coming along. He's loving the work and loving all the interesting people he's meeting. Hard to believe it's been six months since he began his mission. So grateful for the growth I've seen in him. I live for Mondays when he writes his weekly email home.

:: Isaac competed with about sixty other students at the regional (the winner moving on to the national bee in Washington D.C. in May) spelling bee on Saturday. He made it to the third round, missing the word "knish".  He had never heard of that word, nor its meaning.

(FYI: The only way I knew what a "knish" was was when we ate this delicious Jewish pastry several years ago (before Isaac was even born) when we vacationed on the east coast. We just don't have a lot of diversity in our local delicatessens)

Overall, I think it was a good experience for him. He went in quite nervous, but came away feeling like he made some new friends, and more importantly, feeling the satisfaction (and relief!) that he gave it his best shot.

:: as we were later walking back to the car, he suggested that we should try making some knishes. I had no idea how, but I was up for the challenge this afternoon when he came home from school. The dough reminded me of noodle making. The recipe we used called for a filling of mashed potatoes, parsley, and caramelized onions. Simple enough. Sort of rolled up jelly-roll style on the prepared dough, the little savory bundles turned out very delicious.

I don't think he'll forget how to spell "knish" ever again!

:: the kids and my parents gathered with us Sunday night to celebrate the "birthday twins".  A Mexican feast, angel food cake with whipped cream and strawberries (a tradition for Gary), homemade (vegan) strawberry ice cream, laughter and story-telling made for such a good time together.

:: it felt so good to "shake it up" at Zumba class this morning! The first real head drencher in a year. :)  I took things at my own pace, feeling so good to move my body this way. I can really see improvement from the three weeks I've been going to physical therapy. The three-days-a-week sessions will continue for a while more and I'm loving and so appreciating the support, care, and healing I'm receiving there.

Feeling so much happiness these days.

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  1. Physical therapy is indispensable. I want to try some knish. I looks delish.