Monday, April 6, 2015

10 things

1.  having the kids come home for Easter weekend.

2.  not being able to be with Sam to celebrate his birthday yesterday. Heart-ache.

3. sneaking too many Cadbury chocolate eggs from Eliza's Easter basket. Where has my self-control gone?

4. a wonderful 30 year reunion with friends who I love and consider my family.

5. Spring Break for the kids this week. Nothing planned, things pretty low-key around here.

6. A proud and happy shout out for Jane getting promoted to team lead on her Manderin job at doTERRA.

7. My dad joining Facebook. So fun!!

8. Easter Sunday family reunion with Keith's cousins. How good it was to sit around the table listening to stories and childhood memories.

9. Physical therapy finally coming to an end. What will I do with all this free time? The yard and garden are calling my name...  

10. I posted this photo of myself last week on a private Facebook group I'm in. A few days later a woman contacted me (seeing my maiden name of Ficklin in addition to the photo):

 This is a long shot, but, we saw your DYT photo online. Here is a photo of my daughter and great aunt, who is, long deceased. We thought the family resemblance is uncanny. Her name was Helen Ficklin. Does this at all sound like we possibly could share relatives? Especially since we feel you look like these two ladies! What do you think? Thank you for your time!

So fun and so freaky!! We all couldn't get over how crazy it all was. Even Keith who I thought would be kind of skeptical really was amazed at the resemblance. My sister seeing this on my Facebook wall commenting: "I am freaking out! The lady on the right looks amazingly just like you!! Actually, I thought it was you and I was so confused by the post. My jaw hit the ground when I reread it and see that it's someone else. She is a twin!" 

Fascinating in that we not only share the same name (I'm sure that we are somehow related as Ficklin isn't a common name), but absolutely amazed at how much this woman's daughter and I look alike. 

Wow. Just WOW.


  1. Good post, Emily!
    DYT, is that Dressing Your Truth? I'm guessing, from your photo, that you are a Type 3? You look great!
    From a Type 4,

    1. Thanks, Jan! Isn't DYT wonderful?! And yes, I'm a fiery Type 3!

  2. Yes, DYT is wonderful. I can truthfully say it has changed my life! That sounds dramatic but it is true! I enjoy reading your blog!

  3. I thought the picture on the right was you trying to make yourself look like one of your ancestors, with style, etc. Remarkable likeness. There must be a connection.