Sunday, April 26, 2015

april 26, 2015

Jane and Preston came to church with us this afternoon. 
The power kept going out and finally went out for good. 
The meeting finished with all of us 
in the congregation singing "Love One Another" 
to the piano instead of the usual organ.
All of us sitting there in the dim and darkness.
It was an experience that hasn't left me.
Simple, beautiful, and intimate.
And powerful in a way I can't really describe.

We came home and I fixed a spaghetti dinner.
Made the pie this morning.
So good still a little frozen.

Since we ate our dinner earlier than we usually do, 
I indulged in a good, long nap this afternoon.
I dream so vividly and sometimes 
the dreams can get pretty bizarre.
In this one, there was a loud noise 
that rattled one of my teeth loose.
It was a golden tooth that I set aside and later couldn't find.
Someone at church had moved it and it was lost.
Wonder if that means anything.


  1. Sooooo beautifully written! You truly have a gift! And the photography is fantastic!

  2. The pie is beautiful, the tulips a stunning vista of colour and BRIGHT, but that TREE! I do hope that tree is yours, as much as a tree can be---and that you often have occasion to look up at that wise old countenance, soaking in the wonder and the wisdom.

    And the simplicity of that ages-old church service, conducted in the silence of modern-absences, must have given a feeling of what-it-was-then. A bit of anachronism can do wonders for understanding our own pasts, as well.

    Always good to have you drop in,


    ps I do believe that I've read that Golden Dream Teeth always grow back.

  3. Where is this tulip garden?
    I love gnarled old trees.
    Did the pie taste as good as it looked?
    Cool checkers set.
    I once attended a stake center dedication. While the stake president, a good friend of mine, was giving the dedicatory prayer, the fire alarm went off. VERY LOUD AND OBNOXIOUS. My friend chose to press on in spite of the impossible competition. They got the alarm turned off in time for us to hear "Amen." Funny memory.