Tuesday, April 14, 2015

changing, practicing, and pursuing a passion

feeling an increasing quiet,
an ongoing struggle
to pull out words 

wondering and soul-searching
how this space,
this expression of self
has taken shape
and will evolve
as i continue to change 
and evolve.

for now,
it feels good and right and even necessary
to follow my passion
to continue to capture and share images 
of my world--

photos alone
and perhaps, 
some days,
with words
when truly moved or inspired

i guess i just needed to give myself the permission to do so

thanks for sharing the journey
with me



So inspired with a Netflix documentary I found Sunday called Monk With a Camera . Extremely interesting for me, this rare combination of topics and passions, this thing I have for both photography and Buddhist monks.

Reminding me that if I want to become a really good photographer, as well as have a mindful life,

I must practice.

And just like a pianist must practice his scales every single day, it truly is essential that I take photos, open my eyes every single day. Have my camera always by my side. This film a gentle admonition and answer that no thing, no moment is too ordinary to see and to share. 

Even if I don't have the words.


  1. Just so you know, Emily, I always marvel at how beautiful your day-to-day photos are. I've been hoping to get back into this myself and have a Craftsy class queued up to start soon. I'm also fascinated by the monastic life and can't wait to check out this film. Thanks for posting your gorgeous pictures!

    1. Thank you very much for these kind words, and for stopping by like you've done. All the best to you, dear Mollie. xo

      ps. I'm excited for you to watch this film. I think you'll really enjoy it like I did.