Saturday, May 2, 2015

17 years

She and I walked together tonight holding hands, and with a smile on her face she looked at me and said how happy she felt today:

Sleeping in 'til ten.
Crepes topped with fruit and ice cream for breakfast.
Her best friend leaving surprises and love on the doorstep.
A special time just the two of us this afternoon.
Wanting me to try the new fry joint she's been raving about, browsing around the hip Beehive Bazaar (both of us inspired artistically),
and loving the color, textures, and smell of the greenhouse.
She picked out some beautiful succulents 
for her bedroom windowsill.
She said they are going to be her new pets and wants to give a name to each one.
A few hours in the early evening where she lent an absolutely indispensable hand as my assistant for Jane and Preston's engagement photo shoot.
Gathering with the family for Thai.
Her favorite lemon birthday cake, 
making a silent wish and blowing out those white candles.

Happy Birthday, Pup.
How we love you.



  1. Happy birthday to your girl. My youngest turned 7 saturday. They now share a birth day with baby Charlotte. Claudia said to me "what, you mean there is a REAL princess in this world?!" Cute.

  2. Happy Birthday, sweet Fairy Girl! May your heart be ever seventeen, and your love of whimsy, ten.


  3. The pictures are beautiful, and the cake looks amazing! Any chance of getting the recipe?

  4. What a beautiful mother-daughter photographs and memory.