Tuesday, May 19, 2015

pink peonies

I have a little indulgence that brings me great pleasure. The simple joy it is to carefully choose and bring home fresh flowers for the kitchen table. A little ritual of mine when I make my Costco run. Nourishing to me as much as the food in my shopping cart.

When I saw that peonies were available yesterday, I about clapped my hands. My all-time favorite flower, and a rare sighting at the florist stand.

Romance, old-fashioned charm, simple days of yesteryear-- these are the things peonies evoke in me.

If you came to my house right now, you would smell their delicious, intoxicating perfume when you'd walk through the front door. Maybe you would swoon like I do.

Mama grew bunches of the deep pink variety which she used to decorate my grandparent's graves on Memorial Day. The home of my childhood graced with her own beautiful dining table arrangements.

Over the years, I've delighted in the pale pink "bombs" that the previous home owners planted along the north side of our yard. Many memories of heading out, basket and shears in hand, on dewy, early summer mornings. Creating bouquets to beautify my own home, the chapel on Sundays, or share with a friend at the birth of a sweet baby daughter.

It's simple joys like these, I've found, that make a beautiful life.


  1. I love peony's too Emily.

  2. Peonies are a favorite flower of mine. My paternal grandmother had some beautiful blooms. Like most things, I couldn't get them to grow in Erda. So, is it pronounced PEE'-o-nees or pe-O'-nees?