Wednesday, June 24, 2015

a kitchen kind of day

“But the kitchen will not come into its own again until it ceases to be a status symbol and becomes again a workshop. It may be pastel. It may be ginghamed as to curtains and shining with copper like a picture in a woman's magazine. But you and I will know it chiefly by its fragrances and its clutter. At the back of the stove will sit a soup kettle, gently bubbling, one into which every day are popped leftover bones and vegetables to make stock for sauces or soup for the family. Carrots and leeks will sprawl on counters, greens in a basket. There will be something sweet-smelling twirling in a bowl and something savory baking in the oven. Cabinet doors will gape ajar and colored surfaces are likely to be littered with salt and pepper and flour and herbs and cheesecloth and pot holders and long-handled forks. It won't be neat. It won't even look efficient. but when you enter it you will feel the pulse of life throbbing from every corner. The heart of the home will have begun once again to beat.” 

~Phyllis McGinley

my kitchen
taking photos
taking photos of food in my kitchen


a recipe for a happy heart!


  1. So lovely, so lively, though the pictures are smoothly shining of order and NEAT. My own pastel kitchen will soon hum again with scents and sizzles, as the last of the workmen give me a SINK in the next few days, and there will be no more getting water at the bathroom sink, rinsing a glass, lugging a great tray or tub of dishes up the stairs to wash in Caro's kitchen eleven steps above.

    I NEED that heartbeat---my new, unused pink and white kitchen is orderly and pristine, with only the colour and the bright shining whiteness to cheer, for it's been stilled for so long with one delay and then another, that there have been only the barest tiny EKG blips to signify any kind of life---a breakfast egg or two on the uncovered old black Franklin, which has outlived four kitchens that I know of, or a bowl of soup thawed and heated. The scents are there, wafting down the stairs, from Caro's glorious new stove of her own, and we have imposed quite long enough on her generous hospitality.

    We've not gone so far as to need CPR, but the pulse has been quieted for far too long. Thank you for the reminder: Beautiful can also be so useful and inviting, but the heartiest welcome comes from the warm, beating heart, no matter how homely or plain..

  2. Phyllis sure has said it right. Thank you for posting that. So perfect. Makes me think of two things. 1. A couple years ago you posted a kitchen prayer that I have posted in the middle of my fridge, I so enjoy its words.
    2. I was watching a documentary on a monastery and the monks words I can't forget. Simply, "I love being in the kitchen".
    So do I.

  3. I, too, love the quote and am reading it while workers install new cabinets in a kitchen that will get lots of use. What is the kitchen prayer that Renee mentioned? Love your blog.