Saturday, June 13, 2015

celebrating with jane

We had a fun time celebrating Jane's birthday today. I drove down to Provo after my run this morning and brought her home for a massage. Her special request. The last time I gave her one was before she left on her mission over two years ago. I absolutely loved being able to serve and connect with her this way. I think she really enjoyed that hour and a half on my table.   :)

Later, I made her a peanut butter pie. Gluten-free, vegan and everything. Really good and really rich. Easy as pie, too. (No baking required.) Here's the recipe if you're interested. 

We all gathered for dinner tonight at our favorite Indian restaurant. An elderly lady walked by our table wearing a Utah Valley Marathon t-shirt. (I saw the tail end of the runners coming down the canyon today when I went to pick up Jane. It was hard not to honk and cheer for all those people. Some struggling, some walking, some fireman running in all their gear, some old and some young. Wondering if I still have it in me to go for it again. Kind of feeling the itch.), and I stopped to congratulate her. She proudly told me it was her 95th marathon. (WOW!! My eyes got big as dollars by that point in the conversation.) An extra smile to say she took 2nd in the Senior division. She lives in North Dakota, but is a native of Turkey. What an inspiration.

Preston invited us to have dessert at his apartment club house. We sang the Happy Birthday song (English and Portuguese, of course.), she made a wish, and blew out her 2 +  2 candles. I always wonder what the kids wish for. In addition to the peanut butter pie, we also got to try some of Preston's out-of-this-world cherry pie he made as part of a special birthday dinner he prepared for Jane the night of her birthday. Perfect crust, and you would have never guessed it was gluten-free. I can't believe what a good cook he is.

A few games of ping-pong brought our celebration time to an end. I love it when we are all together having fun like this. Making happy memories like this.

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