Wednesday, July 8, 2015

introducing eliza's summer creations... and a new little love

I just have to share all the good things Eliza has been creating and loving this summer.

Besides teaching her twice-weekly neighborhood art classes, she's been:
:: raising a little succulent/cactus garden (purchased bit by bit, along with some Mom $ from cleaning a grody fridge)
:: caring for two new hermit crabs
:: learning the art of macrame
:: painting, drawing, and designing her heart out. (Not pictured are a pair of white Keds she painted/embellished for a teacher at her school. On seeing them for the first time, this woman couldn't contain her joy and amazement with a couple of emphatic and enthusiastic, "SHUT UP!!!"s. (I just smiled...)
:: having a drawing displayed at the Utah Art Festival and being accepted to participate in a local craft show in the fall.
:: Today, she brought home a sweet little bunny (one of her friend Emily's new rabbit babies) to join her beloved Mr. Rochester. She's taking her time to come up with the perfect name for him. Isn't he darling?

Life is good in Eliza's world.

P.S. You can keep up with all the things she's creating here:
(Etsy shop coming soon!)


  1. So talented, your Eliza. Love all of these photos. The mantra art works are just so perfect.

  2. Oh, My! Such a flurry of comments wants to hit the page: The sweet bunny---with black ears and nose he would be our long-ago little RADAR, who came to me tiny and soft down inside Chris' blazer pocket one cold afternoon, and who had two litters of her own babies later on, with fanciful names like Houdini (first to tumble out of the birthin' box) and Who-Dunnit and Poirot and Sherlop..

    The pictures and the quotes (I'd like to redeem that gift-card RIGHT NOW, please!) and that stunning Kahlo picture---Miss Frida would be SO pleased. And the three women just below---there's a sensitive glory to their so-different, so alike faces. Do you know Nancy Noel, the local lady who's world famous for her Angels, mostly? Her pictures of the peoples of Africa are so stunningly similar.

    And not last---the sweet little Ojos de Dios in the window remind me so happily of the dozens of small hands---my Cub Scout troops over many years---who twisted and turned that yarn of many colours around everything from found twigs to popsicle sticks, taking home something to treasure.

    Still amazed and delighted at ALL your gifts, Eliza.