Thursday, July 30, 2015

Jane & Preston: Bridals

Here are some of my favorites from Jane and Preston's bridal shoot. These photos were taken at Temple Square in Salt Lake City the Saturday before their wedding day. Feeling that this time would allow for a not-so-stressful, time-crunched wedding day. Have some framed photos to display at the reception.

Don't you think these two make a handsome couple? Striking is the word. So in love and happy. So very happy.

You should have seen all the tourists smiling and admiring them. Crowds of people passing through the plaza on their way to a nearby concert. Some even stopping to snap a few photos of the happy couple.

Never forgetting the sweet Asian mother and daughter who quietly approached Jane. Wondering if the little girl could pose for a picture with this real life princess. And the unforgettable look of surprise and delight on both of their faces when Jane started speaking Chinese to them. That touching moment making the evening all the more special and memorable.

Thanks to our talented photographer Alicia of Gray Wren PhotographyI can't wait to share their wonderful wedding day with you. I'll do that as soon as we receive the edited images of the day.

xo until then.


  1. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful couple! So happy for all of you!

  2. Stunning photos Emily. You are right, she was a real live princess! Sweet.