Wednesday, August 26, 2015

joy formula

found the perfect joy formula today:

drizzly day, empty day to spend alone here at home.
pulling out thoughts to fill a notebook followed by
meditation time that turned into nap time.
a quick tidy of the house with
inspiring podcasts to listen to while
dishes and kitchen and floors all become clean.
chocolate chip cookies  bake in the oven and then
the day's highlight of
another afternoon to play with color and form;
a painting completed to satisfy something deep within.
my ear to the phone as I sit waiting in the carpool lane, 
this son's voice telling happy news and excitement.
connection and visit with a neighbor friend  and
now prepating plates of dinner
to share with my parents.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, the numbers and letters to write that perfect formula would escalate clean off the page!

    There would be musical notes in there somewhere, and little flights of birds, with trills and trebles and a whole gaggle of soft punctuation, with perhaps a rounded little baby exclamation point or two, but not too much, no startle nor shout to mar the perfection of the day.

    I'm still floating on the PERFECTION of that graceful, elegant, exquisitely-arranged Wedding Day. Simply breathtaking, one and all, and every single facet. Dreams come true, indeed.