Sunday, September 13, 2015

California Vacation: San Clemente and Disneyland

Emily's "Top Ten" list 
of our final vay-cay days:

:: greeting Isaac and Eliza at the airport. I can't tell you how good it was to have them back in my arms, see their wide, happy smiles, be all together once again.

:: LA freeways. Enough said.

:: relaxing day at the beach near our rental in San Clemente. Relaxing, yes, but all that sun resulting in lobster-red arms and legs. My lips one big blistering mess. 

:: Eliza's amazing "Mermaid Girl" attracting admiring smiles.

:: squealing like a little girl on our way to Disneyland.

:: this sweet boy wanting to hold my hand the entire time. He and I leading the way, skipping with joy.

:: Isaac's birthday celebration starting a few days early... so many friendly "Happy Birthday" wishes. And being selected for the Jedi Training... it just doesn't get any better than this.

:: our first time experiencing California Adventure... Awesome!

:: chocolate-covered bananas, Dole pineapple freezes, and Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln-- our late afternoon salvation and survival.

:: these poor feet just barely making it after two 14 hour days of non-stop walking and standing in long lines.

:: air-conditioning breaking down just in time for our long drive back home to Utah. (And through the Mohave Desert, too.)

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  1. What a trip of a lifetime! You planned it perfectly (all save that pesky A/C problem---Oh, MY), and had such a wonderful time and such MEMORIES! We've never been anywhere father West than CO and TX, but our DD2 and DSIL are out there right now, seeing the Pacific for the first time.

    All that fun and adventure packed into a few days---I'm a tour-the-missions soul myself, and marvel at the COOL of them, those whispers of chill stone and past breezes, even in the hottest settings and cities.

    I'd have LOVED doing the hands-in-the-sand---how I miss going to the night-time beach when we lived on the coast. Isaac's work says SO much---it could be all the episodes of Star Wars, or the entire army of those mysterious pottery soldiers in China, with a glade of cypress knees sitting timeless in the water, or a village of meerkats, out for the day in the sun.

    Have you ever been to the Sistine Chapel? I swear I can see a lot of the Sermon on the Mount painting in those rows of small figures arrayed in front of the imposing figure on the right. (I'm so thankful to have my vivid imagination returning, after all this dull time of chaos/renovation/clutter in the house---there's hope for my feeble brain, after all, even if some of it veers off into zany territory, so indulge this vague moment, please).

    And Eliza's Mermaid Girl---no words for that---they could both sashay into any boardroom, classroom, art studio, or spotlight and just conquer the crowd.

    So glad for your lovely trip---I'm smiling just writing about it. What joy for your beautiful family.