Monday, September 14, 2015


:: the simple pleasure of a rainy day at home.

:: garden produce deliveries from thoughtful, generous friends.

:: jugs of happy sunflowers.

:: receiving the bus driver's friendly, encouraging smiles and waves every morning when I'm out running.

:: apple this and apple that. So excited to welcome my favorite time of year!

:: patches of red, orange, and gold on the mountainside.

:: working on my art journal.

:: seeing each of my children flourishing and happy.

:: the deep satisfaction and happiness I feel in assisting my clients to their well-being.

:: setting up a little inspirational and beautiful September tableaux in my studio.

:: G & G coming over Saturday night to hang out with me (their first time watching The Book Thief ) while the rest of the gang went to the first home-game of the season.

:: the absolute joy and fulfillment I feel in creating two new paintings these last few weeks. Finding peace and purpose and solace in this room. Playing with color and form, bringing my ideas and longings and vision to the canvas. Feeling a deep connection to the Divine, to the creator within me that desires expression. 

Harvest Queen
Shared this with my Facebook friends:

"Feeling a little vulnerable sharing this with you all for various reasons, but I will because I'm happy! I've been recently trying to stretch myself a little in a new way. Exploring and discovering dormant artistic talents that have been there all along and buried deep in sometimes rich, sometimes dry, sometimes fallow soil these twenty-five years, but needing a little prodding, a little time, and a little inspiration. For the last little while, I have felt compelled to paint. To find healing and meaning though sacred symbols, images, form, and color. To search and find the Divine in the feminine, the Divine within myself, the Divine that seeks to manifest to me if only I'll open my eyes. To be able to express all this in a tangible way. This painting is really a self-portrait: Emily, the Harvest Queen with a crown of five glorious sunflowers in her hair; each representing her radiant and precious and almost grown children. Luscious, juicy grapes and golden, ripe stalks of wheat symbolizing the rich abundance in her life. She holds the sweet fruits of the Tree of Life dear within her heart. And that golden, succulent pear at her throat, reminding her of not only the beautiful shape of herself as Woman, but also a quiet symbol of the fertile womb, her own creative powers. Words of "Joy", "Divine Love", and "Peace" are being birthed there; intention-seeds planted and continuing to be harvested."


A struggle to bring her to the canvas, but tears of joy at the end. Didn't quite know what to do with her halo. Inspired to use a decoupage of a recent journal page. I'm pleased with the effect, and it now means all the more to me.

One of the first steps for me in the creation of this painting: Writing a love letter from my Muse to me. My answer to her in return. Before I started the painting, I wrote her letter in charcoal on the blank canvas. 

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  1. Oh Emily, you are rich. Look at your talents, wisdom and understanding. I so wish we knew one another in real life! Love the muse painting, the decoupage from your journal is perfect!