Saturday, October 10, 2015

around here

:: It's been a while since I've received a good massage. (Sometimes I wish I could give myself a massage.) Worth every penny.

:: Amazed that while waiting and exiting to get that massage on Monday, three different people complimented the outfit I was wearing. The cute wide-eyed college student just about fell out of her chair when I told her that my clothes were, in fact, purchased from the local thrift store, "Well, I need to head over there right now!" she enthusiastically responded.

:: I'm especially feeling so proud of each of my kids this week: 

Joined Gary for the Kohinoor (Indian) lunch special while we were both out and about Thursday afternoon. (Deciding to first meet up at the library, I ask him, "So have you had lunch yet?", "No," he slowly replies with a shy, wide smile.) So fun to hear more about his new job (substituting teaching and after-school program) at the Utah International Charter School. What a wonderful opportunity and perfect fit with his Arabic language, cultural understanding, and positive role-model personality to be able now to work with and mentor these special refugee kids.

Jane recently got promoted to work in the legal department at her doTerra job using her Mandarin for translation work. She is loving this new opportunity. She is loving married life, too! (so, so happy with Preston.) Last Saturday, she invited me and Eliza over to her new apartment for a "girl's night-in" where she prepared a beautiful candlelight spread of tea, pumpkin bread, and little mini vegan cheesecakes. That time with my girls was just so intimate and special.

Eliza's gearing up for scholarship application season. (She's a National Merit Semi-Finalist finishing her application this week for the National Merit Scholarship.) As president of the National Honor Society, she's gathered tonight with these friends to roast marshmallows and watch a movie. 

Our missionary Samuel (serving on the Arizona/Mexico border) is happier than he's ever been. I gathered treats, supplies, and a love note this week to put in a care package to sent off yesterday. Hoping this gives him love, a smile, and a lift. 

I wrapped up the week going to our 6th grader Isaac's Parent Teacher Conference. He's sailing along and is excited he got the part of Puck (his first choice) in his upcoming class production of Midsummer Night's Dream.

:: Football season and Eliza's busy social life has meant me spending most Saturday nights lately home alone. A little lonely, but I'm making the best of it with Netflix, my books, and the paints.

:: Speaking of paints, Eliza and I headed up to the city this afternoon to re-stock some needed art supplies for both of us. (She's preparing her senior portfolio and I'm starting some new paintings next week.) Both of us feeling like little kids in a candy store.

:: Stopped at Whole Foods with her before heading home for sushi and treats. On the drive back, I was quietly and powerfully reminded again of how these one-on-one times with my kids are the best thing, the most loved thing, the most memorable thing I've done and could do as their mother.

:: These autumn sunsets have been just stunning lately.


  1. Emily I love you and don't even know you! Thank you for positive, family-centered posts that leave me feeling uplifted!

  2. You are such a special mom!....