Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Introduction to Portraits: Week One

I can't tell you how excited I am to participate in an online art course called Unearth Gather Create.  Gillian Lee Smith (Scotland is her home) is not only a tremendously talented artist, but an absolutely incredible instructor. I am so lucky to have found this excellent six week course. There's so much amazing content that I foresee me spreading it out for much longer.

For the past week, (all this was intended for just one day) I've been working on the first portraiture lesson. Trying to overcome a little bit of overwhelm. A little bit of fear. Experimenting with all these materials and exercises I haven't touched and experienced in years. The lessons, as well as the use of charcoal, have encouraged freedom, expression, and exploration. Using both sides of the brain. It's been interesting to see what's coming out of me.

I'll admit, it's not easy sharing these images with you all, and I feel very vulnerable. (ugh, it's scary...) But, I am trying and willing to work hard. I will continue to listen to and heed my muse's call and try to kick the perfectionist/critic voice in my head to the curb. Posting my drawings and paintings here will chronicle my progress, so I guess that's a good intention and motivation.

30 second thumb nail sketches

blind contour mirror drawings

1 minute gesture drawings

5 minute mirror sketch

5 minute left-hand drawing from a magazine photo

self-portrait drawing from a photo


  1. Awesome Emily, you have a great talent, I love to draw too. I have heard that the greatest challenge in life is "showing up". As long as you "show up, and you are ready to take on the challenges the best you can, it is all good". Have fun, who know's maybe we will see your work hanging in some famous places.

  2. I find it so interesting that we feel vulnerability when we share our work - we are our own worst critic. I look at these drawings of yours and feel thrilled by their excellence. You have such talent, and your art is truly wonderful. I simply adore that you study facial features and are taking a class for it. Let's get together again soon and play!