Sunday, November 29, 2015

Mixed Media - Place: Week Three

Trying to turn a corner with the flu that's hit me this week. Feeling pretty crummy, cough-y, and achy, but not enough to put me back to bed again. Can't remember the last time I was sick. Hoping that the flu this time around doesn't turn into pneumonia like it did the last time. Keeping my fingers crossed...

Anyway, I've been enjoying this quiet, slow, and restful time in my studio today playing and experimenting with pens and inks, pastels and watercolors, as well as creating some interesting papers for collage work. (Intending to use those in my sketchbook and my next abstract landscape projects.) I think these papers are beautiful pieces of art in their own right. They have the feel, look, and texture of ethnic batik or tie-dyed textiles.

Meaningful and fun to try to capture some of my special places. I am from Utah, but lived for three years in Portugal as a teen, and have been back to visit twice in the last fifteen years.

Sketching with pen and ink is a new experience for me. Specifically, working with dip nib pens. I think I'm really going to like this way of drawing. 

The other night, tossing and turning in my coughing fits, I had all these ideas rushing to me of meaningful places I should try to draw for this assignment. The Palace of Fine Arts in San Fransisco, California kept coming into my mind. (It has significant, quiet sacred meaning to me since our trip there in August.) Doing it in sepia inks and tones was my first impression, but I decided to go ahead and try to convey it in real-life colors. I felt ho-hum "okay" about the result and decided later in my photo editing to see how it would look if I did it the way my gut instinct directed. 

I do like that coloration better.

A mixed media interpretation of one of my most beloved cities in all of Portugal-- Coimbra. So many wonderful memories of this place.

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