Saturday, November 14, 2015

'round here

:: Waking up before 4 this morning, tossing and turning, praying for those that are suffering.

:: Yearning, more than ever, for peace on Earth.

:: Sweet chunks of ripe pear on morning oatmeal hit the spot.

:: College Portfolio Day (is finally here at last) for her.

:: Soaking in the art while I wander and wait.

:: Stopping for some grilled veggie sandwiches and the hummus platter sound like a good way to celebrate.

:: Exploring undiscovered country roads with the camera is my idea of fun.

:: So happy for this boy taking 8th place out of  250 participants in this morning's Math Matters competion. Way to go, Isaac!

:: Hunkering down for a quiet Saturday evening here at home. A much needed tidy-up, pancakes for supper, popcorn on the stove, and a movie sound like just the thing.

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