Sunday, December 6, 2015


It truly was a perfect day...

:: Waking up early, anticipation in my heart, knowing, believing, and feeling that it really was going to be a wonderful and love-filled day.
:: Wrapped up warm in a soft blanket finishing Anthem (Ayn Rand), re-reading old journal lists of "positive aspects", meditating in the quiet morning stillness.
:: Hearing Eliza puttering around in the kitchen at six o'clock, Isaac a little while later, mouth-watering smells wafting upstairs, and those sweet two bringing up a breakfast tray and singing the "Happy Birthday" song. 
:: Going for a long walk in the late morning sunshine.
:: Soaking in a scented bath.
:: Starting a painting.
:: Wandering around a used book store. 
:: Heading up to the big city and sharing a candle light dinner at Cedars of Lebanon
:: Attending the Utah Swedish Heritage Society's Santa Lucia procession and Swedish Market. One of the most beautiful things I've ever witnessed. (I think this is going to become a new tradition.)
:: The warmth, kindness, and love I received with the many visits, cards, gifts, emails, and Facebook birthday wishes from so many dear ones. Some unexpected surprises, all touching me deeply and filling my heart with gladness.
:: Joining my family and parents for day two of the celebrations... dinner at Gary and Greta's home tonight: Rice topped with Keith's first ever batch of chili, Mom's homemade bread and my favorite green salad with candied almonds and fresh berries. Talking and sharing and laughing with my family. Making a wish and blowing out the candles on Jane's show stopper of a (vegan) raspberry cheesecake. 

Such precious memories these will all become.
Feeling so blessed and happy tonight. 


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  1. Happy belated beautiful! Sounds like you had a perfect celebration!