Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas was a happy one. Truly happy...

:: Spending a cozy Christmas Eve here at our home last night. Placing little candles all around. My mom and dad, my brother Andrew, and the kids all joining us for dinner. 

:: The fun of opening the package Sam sent from his little border town in New Mexico. Trying the spicy snacks he included. Gary reading aloud his sweet card.

:: Seeing the joy on my children's faces as they exchanged gifts with each other. 

:: Waking up this morning to almost a foot of snow. A Christmas winter wonderland surprise!

:: The sound of Eliza plucking her new banjo. I've always loved the sound and what a treat this will be. Love...

:: So many smiles, so much laughter, so much love.

:: Even after Keith made a dent in the snow, how kind of Eldon to come over later this morning with his snow blower. (What good neighbors we have.) Sending him off with a plate of warm cinnamon rolls.

:: The biggest joy of the day (his over-the-moon mom jumping up and down, clapping her hands) seeing our missionary son Sam's smiling face, hearing the sound of his voice after all this time. Him happier than he's ever been.

:: Taking a (mostly) cooking breather today after many marathon days in the kitchen. Leftovers, snacks, and sweets a plenty for folks to graze on throughout the day.

:: Time to work on some creative projects.

:: Late afternoon zonk-out nap sessions for a few of us.

:: A  fun round of Scrabble on the kitchen table.

:: The wonderful, happy sound of these two brothers collaborating with the new Lego set. 

:: Isaac asking me to cuddle and read to him before bed Pearl Buck's classic, Christmas Day in the Morning-- my all-time favorite-- that still brings tears every single time.

:: Gathering with the children at the end of the day to read Luke 2. Hearing Keith's sweet prayer of gratitude for this day, for the many beautiful moments we shared, for the gifts given throughout the season, for the Gift that is the reason. 


  1. Emily,

    This SO touches my Grandma Heart---we've had our own share of quiets and Louds and blessings of togetherness for several weeks now. And we have two more sections of the clan scheduled for Monday--Thurs., and Thurs.--Sat.

    And Eliza with her banjo, all of you around that welcoming table, and the great moments and memories you're building. The Pearl Buck reference remembered me a lovely long-ago friend---gone from us these twenty years now. He was a college music instructor and concert pianist, and one Saturday morning he was requested by Miss Buck herself, to play her some Schumann to meditate on before her speech in the afternoon. i was even honored on his behalf---what a lovely tribute to his talent.

    And the Lego-scramble---what a wonderful bond these two have; we sent different levels/subjects of Legos to our three youngest GRANDS, with a prayer that their parents never encounter one of those little sharpies with an unsuspecting foot in the dark.

    Best wishes to all your sweet family,


    1. Dearest Rachel, your sweet words and thoughtful sharing always bring a smile. Thank you for them all and thank you for your visits here. Wishing we could have a real-life visit over tea and cake. Sending love and warm regards to you and yours. xo

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