Wednesday, December 16, 2015


:: for boots crunching Christmas snow.
:: for doorstep deliveries.
:: for mailbox greetings.
:: for late-night grocery store runs.
:: for a warm, cozy home.
:: for Sketchbook Skool courses and community showing up just like that. 
:: for the kindness and generosity of Isaac being included in their family fun.
:: for living in such a beautiful, peaceful place.
:: for twinkly white lights.
:: for warm baking smells. 
:: for these siblings being there for each other.
:: for kind and caring words.
:: for the joy of giving from my heart.
:: for walking in the door, our hearts so heavy, and this angel-girl having dinner all ready.
:: for crossing off (almost all) my Christmas to-do list.
:: for these 16 years of Lucy-dog being a cherished part of our family. We will always remember and hold you in our hearts, sweet, faithful friend!

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