Monday, December 21, 2015

where the love light gleams

It's a drizzly, dreary day out, but things are bright and cheery inside my home. Inside my heart.

I woke and arose before the crack of dawn this morning, but that's nothing new. Sat on the floor and in the dark with just a few candles lined up all aglow. Meditating and journaling on and about this Solstice Eve, the longest night of the year. The anticipation and return of the light and what this symbolism means for my life.

Cookies are all baked. Presents are wrapped and under the tree. Packages all sent. The fridge and pantry bursting for when we'll all gather to celebrate Christmas together here at home. Shopping done and no where to go and that feels good.

Tonight we'll continue the fun with gingerbread houses. Can't let this tradition slide, the kids beg. A beautiful niece's wedding celebration all day tomorrow with my extended family. A few more days of baking and time in the kitchen, some neighborhood deliveries to make, and then the most wonderful day of the year will be here at last. And once again, we'll see Sam's sweet face (thanks to Skype) after nearly eighteen months and my Christmas Day will be complete.

Sending light and love to you, my friend.

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