Sunday, January 3, 2016

Announcing a New Blog Home!

With the beginning of this new year of 2016, I am happy to announce a new home for my blog Abide With Me. I began this journey of recording and sharing my life in 2008 with my blog Blue House Blessings and continuing on for five years here with Abide With Me.

For some time now, I felt like I needed a change. A face-lift. An update.  

Making this change hasn't come easy. Change is difficult for me. Even in my excitement for something new and fresh, I feel a bit of melancholy. In a sense, I guess it's kind of like moving to a new house, a new neighborhood, or a new town. Treading unfamiliar territory, new things to learn, hoping to maintain ties with old, familiar friends...

I debated back and forth to entirely alter the name of the blog, but in the end, I decided to keep the original name in hopes of not wanting to lose a lot of my readers in the change. I'm very happy to have found a new home where I can consolidate and bring together not only my blog, but create a platform to house my photography and art "galleries" to easily share with my readers. (A wonderful perk to have everything in one place for me, as well!). The website also highlights and links to my massage therapy practice for those interested. Everything Emily in one place! Hurrah!

I really hope that you'll mosey on over to my new home for a visit:  (note that the address is still inmyhomeabide with instead of

Lastly, and from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for taking time out of your life to include these snapshots of mine. One of the highlights and joys of my life has been making meaningful connections with many of you. Kindred spirits all over the world who have now become cherished friends. Hoping that you'll enjoy my beautiful new home, and that you will come back frequently, too. xoxo

In joy,