Monday, December 6, 2010

birthday weekending

winter wonderland living room yesterday morning

I've been in party mode since Thursday. Came home late that night and was surprised to find a huge package from UPS on the couch with my name of it. A spa pampering basket from a friend. So overcome that she would do such a thing.

Then a special lunch date with my dear friend on Friday. So nice to be together.

Saturday, we took Eliza to the art museum where she was honored at an award ceremony for a children's art show called "The Christmas Lamb". What a thrill for us all.

Keith had asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday. What would make it special. Would it be a nice cozy dinner for two in the big city? I mulled it over in my mind. Yes, that would be special, but thinking about what I really wanted, I decided that what I wanted most of all was for us to be together. The whole family. We'd do our dinner when we'd have our Christmas break- overnighter.

So we all (except Sam who was asked to keep stats for a varsity basketball tournament. We missed him.) headed up the canyon for a small town Christmas celebration.

It was just so nice to just be together to relax and do something as a family. Something we haven't done for a quite awhile. First, a stop at our favorite pizza parlor was a must.

Then, off to see the gingerbread house display. Isaac was in awe. His joy, wonder, and enthusiasm helped all of us feel that Christmas magic again.

The highlight of the outing was our visit to the town's interfaith Crech exhibit. Hundreds of nativities from all around the world. Such a quiet, peaceful spirit. Attending this display is one of the sweetest things we do as a family during the holiday season.

It's so wonderful to see how each culture of the world, each in their own traditions, materials, and perspective, choose to depict the manger scene and show honor and reverence for the Christ Child.

The festivities continued yesterday. I came down to a snowflake- white paper chained- "Love You" greeting- winter wonderland transformed living room. I can't tell you how beautiful and lovely it all looked. I was so touched that the kids had stayed up half the night and wanted to do something like this to make me happy. Tears filled my eyes. They continued to fill my eyes when I went over to the table and saw breakfast all layed out on a beautifully set table, sweet poems and cards near the "You Are Special" plate, and thoughtful gifts all spread out.

The rest of the day, a day packed with usual church meetings, was filled with happy birthday greetings and well wishes from friends. I laughed when I came home and saw these "Over the Hill" balloons sitting by the front door. I still don't know who dropped them by.

Jane fixed a turkey dinner all by herself and then later, we all headed to my parents for cake and ice cream.

I don't think it could have been a happier way to turn 40.


  1. It appears to have been a beautiful day.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!

  3. I loved Eliza's painting! Did she get inspiration for the baby Jesus on Gary's baby's pics? I love that you were celebrated! You deserve it! Love you!