Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Let's Make an Evergreen Wreath

I love to decorate my home with items found in nature. To me, they bring a special beauty and peace that can't be found in any other way. I wanted to have a centerpiece wreath to surround the candle we light at every meal. I thought I'd try my hand at making my first evergreen wreath with materials I'd find around our yard.

First, I took a huge bowl and some pruning shears outside to gather several types of greenery from the trees and shrubs we have on our property. I'm so grateful that the previous owners planted such a variety. I previously had purchased a simple 10-inch grapevine wreath and some green floral wire. Altogether, I think this wreath ended up costing me around $4.00. A very frugal way to decorate, don't you think?

I made several small bundles of greenery and wrapped the wire around each one to secure at the base. Having them all spread out on the counter, ready to go, helped make things a little more manageable.

Next, I took the bundles, one at a time, and placed them on the wreath, wrapping and securing them with more wire as I went. I tried to make sure that there were no gaps and that the wire wasn't showing.

Be warned: you will end up with really dirty hands from all that sap. (I should have worn some rubber gloves and also should have covered the counter with paper. We had sticky sap there, too.) I found it kind of hard to wash off, but scrubbing hard and some repeat washings did the trick.

I tucked a few little berry bunches in to give it color and interest, made a few adjustments and clippings here and there.

Placed it on the kitchen table with the star shaped, pinecone- filled candle tin, and then lit the wick. What a beautiful creation! All from my own two hands. So satisfying that I made this myself. That I didn't need to spend hardly anything and could do something creative. And let me tell you, the piney, Christmasy smell every time we sit down at the table- well, it's intoxicating.


  1. Beautiful...I have been looking for a natural looking wreath and here you are...creating your own! Youu are so creative!