Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Peaceful Silence

I woke up around 4:00 this morning. There was a different feeling in the house. Quiet. A strange white glow coming from outside. We must have gotten a lot of snow. The power was out, too. Not sure how long it had been out. I started noticing that the house felt a little chilly.

Jane came into our room not too long after I woke up. She and Sam don't get out of school until Thursday. We're all pretty bummed about that. They start their finals today, too. The question of how she was she going to get ready and what would she do about the study time she wanted to put in. With all the talk, Keith woke up and we looked for flashlights. I went down and lighted some candles. I love the beautiful, warm glow they radiate. I wrapped myself with the throw I found on the couch and snuggled in that peaceful feeling. I remembered that today was Winter Solstice. How ironic. The darkest day. The return of light.

Tired. I've been spending the last three days in the kitchen. Saturday and part of Sunday was a marathon of neighbor and friend food gift making. (I think I'll show you all the fruits of my labors, tomorrow.) Then, there was the delivering. There's still more I want to get done. There's just so many people I want to reach out to; to remember and show love to. I'll probably bake some bread tomorrow.
I think I'll take the day off today. I'd like to do some shopping down at the college bookstore. 20% off everything. I always try to make it down there. You can't beat that.

We hosted my family here last night for the family Christmas party. 20 or so all packed in the kitchen and living room. I spent the entire day in the kitchen fixing up appetizers, salads, goodies, and the traditional Danish rice pudding. We hide an almond in the pudding and the person who finds it wins a prize. Guess who's pudding it was in. Mine.

Lots of fun. Lots of laughter. No picture taking, though. I guess I was too preoccupied to think of my camera.

Today reminds me of this poem my daughter wrote a few years ago. Hope it puts a smile in your heart like it does to me.

Winter Wonderland

The sky is white, and so is the ground;
Frozen whiteness drifts without sound.
The pond is covered with sheets of ice
And, underground, there sleep the mice
That is where all the animals go
When the earth is covered with snow.
Tiny crystals made of frost
‘Round and ‘round the sky they’re tossed
Until the wind blows them down, down, down.
Making a blanket that covers the town.
The snow-drapped trees lower their boughs
And, breaking the silence, the snowplow plows.
But then, the quiet returns again
And the peaceful silence slowly seeps in.

~Eliza Crofts


  1. Peaceful feeling to the weary! I cannot tell to not do what you do so well - give yourself to others - but take care!

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