Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Special Date With Isaac

Since Isaac and I are learning all about fossils in our homeschool, we thought it would be fun yesterday to go to the Museum of Ancient life or "Dinosaur Museum" as we like to call it. We had the whole IMAX theater all to ourselves. Since it was early in the day, there weren't any real crowds, except quite a few young moms with their preschoolers. It made me see that I'm not in that stage anymore. I'm getting older. Getting more relaxed in my parenting. I think that's a good thing. I followed where he led. We took our time. While he was focusing his attention on all the exciting things there were to see and do, I found that my interest and happiness was in looking at and watching him. Being aware and catching some of his joyful enthusiasm. His wonder, excitement, and questions. We ended our special time together with a stop for lunch. A cheeseburger and fries for him. A salad, of course, for me.

I loved it all. I think he did, too.

These are the types of memories we'll both cherish.


  1. we are both feeling the same way now aren't we!! I remember those preschool days - I thought we HAD to do all those outings. Probably so much more fun when the kids are a bit older don't you think?

    And, my kids ALWAYS order hamburger and fries when we are out : )

  2. Nice. I am sure it was joyful! I love tose little water creatures they have in there!

  3. Sweet memories in the making. They grow up so quickly, it's good to catch hold of special moments.