Saturday, January 1, 2011

ringing in the new year

Happy New Year!

Well, here I am. Wide- eyed and bushy- tailed. 5:00 a.m. is insanely early to be up on New Year's Day, if you ask me. I'll be heading to the kitchen in a bit to get started on brunch preparations. Just thought I'd check in here now and re-cap last night's festivities.

New Year's Eve has never been a big event around here. We're just not the partying type. We don't drink and I don't think we've ever been invited to any kind of party away from our home. We're pretty much low-key homebodies who like to spend the night holed up with our kids. It's pretty much the same thing year after year. We'll get to eat some fun finger foods. We'll play games. We watch movies. We might have family over or go to one of our parents and do this stuff together. The most exciting thing I think we've ever done was bang some pots and pans on the front porch one year. Pretty wild, I know.

Late yesterday afternoon, the kids asked if we could take them to Barnes and Noble so they could redeem their gift cards they got for Christmas. We headed down and the kids spent more than an hour, carefully debating what to get. When we got up to the counter to pay, we dismayed to find that the "computers were down", and it would be impossible to process the cards. Bummer! Well, at least the children got an idea of what they want. It was fun to just look together.

Before going home, we stopped at Target and exchanged a few clothing gifts that didn't fit and also stopped at my mom's so that Keith could put ice-melt on her driveway. He and Sam had gone over in the morning to shovel and scrape ice away. I'm so glad they did this to help her out.

Came home starving and we enjoyed our little party of special foods. Isaac had been asking us constantly for two days when we "could have some of that sparkling drink." While sitting around the table, I asked everyone what their funnest thing/saddest thing was in 2010 and also what their hopes were for the New Year. Fun to talk and listen ~albeit the slight responses.

I had been freezing all day. Just couldn't get warm. I asked everyone if they wouldn't mind watching Fantastic Mr. Fox in our room, so I could hunker down in bed. They were good sports, having to squeeze in the space, bring in a folding chair, and double up sitting on the "nice" chairs.
I was proud of myself for staying awake for most of the movie. I'm definitely not a night owl.

Keith and I decided that we were going to be party-poopers and call it a night at around ten o'clock, or so. The kids headed downstairs to start another movie. Before I knew it, the sound of fireworks were heard. The new year had come. Lucy, our neurotic dog, started doing her thing of crying and wanting to get up on our bed. A little while after all that commotion, little footsteps were heard coming up the stairs. Isaac (six years old) came in to proudly announce that he had stayed up 'til midnight. He'd never been able to do it until this year. Way to go, Isaac!

Gary came home at around 1:3o after playing games over at a nearby friend's house. I'm glad I'm a light sleeper and could hear him come home. Not much sleep for me, though, with all the excitement, interruptions, and strange dreams that kept me waking up half the night.

Hoping to get some "get up and go" here soon.
Hoping I can get a nap in later.
Hoping that this year of 2011 is a happy one.
Hoping that it will be for you, too.

I have a feeling that it will be.


  1. We're not party people either and were cosily in bed with a book by 10.30pm.

    Happy New Year Emily, with much peace and joy.

  2. Most of ringing in the New Year goes inside my head - I ponder a lot too! We watched movies with our Holiday "daughter" but I can keep straight without nodding! I do mundane taskes, like my late night laundry! I cuddle with my daughter and give extra kisses that day. So good to start he New Year with good friends and my bossom friend! Everything so delicious! I pray longer at New Year's Eve and find myself with less to ask for and more to thank for! Happy New Year!

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