Monday, January 24, 2011

sweet dreams

Keith got back last night from spending four days helping take care of Grandpa. His sister Kelli and her husband Roy moved in with Grandpa last March with Nana's very sudden and unexpected passing.

Grandpa has Alzheimer's and is bedridden. He needs constant care. He was in liver failure in July. We thought we'd lose him, but he just keeps hanging on and has shown some improvement. Hospice comes in to give a hand. Nana, a nurse for over fourty years, never left Grandpa's side. She was completly and utterly devoted to his care. It was hard for her to let anyone else take care of Grandpa.

Early Saturday morning, while I was getting ready in the bathroom, Eliza came to me. Quietly and earnestly, she told me about her dream. These are her words.

"I had a dream about Nana. I was in my lunchroom at school, standing by the microwaves. It was quiet, but I could tell everyone was talking around me.
Nana was sitting far away from me. She was in her maroon colored suit with the turtle pin.
She was smiling at me and talking to me, but I couldn't hear her.
It seemed like no one else knew she was there.
Nana looked so happy, I wanted to hug her, to tell her I loved her. I wanted it so badly. But I couldn't move, I called out to her.
She kept smiling and talking to me, but I still couldn't hear her."

Eliza and I cried. This was the first time she's dreamed of her Nana. I told her it was a gift.

I talked to Keith on the phone that night. I told him about Eliza's dream. There was a quiet pause. His voice was filled with emotion. I could tell that he was crying. He said he also had a dream that same night where he saw his mother. She was dressed in white. She was smiling. He didn't remember the rest.

Keith hardly ever dreams. He hardly ever remembers his dreams. He's never had a dream about his mother since she's died.

I don't believe that Eliza's and Keith's dream of Nana occurring on the same night are a coincidence.

I believe in an afterlife. I believe that we live on. I believe Nana lives on. I believe she knows of the sacrifice and care being shown to Grandpa. I believe she wants us to know she's aware and loves and cares for us.

Last night when Keith got home, we talked about these dreams. I told them that I really feel, deep down in my soul, that these dreams were messages to our family. I believe we can receive inspiration, comfort, and messages through our dreams.

A sweet gift.


  1. Sweet gift! I believe in a life before this one and a life after this one two. The veil thines up sometimes!

  2. I agree, not a coincidence at all.