Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Daybook for February 9, 2011

Outside my window: All the snow that fell early yesterday morning has melted away. The sun is shining, but it's still really cold out. It's nice to see the sun coming up a little earlier and going down a little later. Come on spring!

I am thinking: about what a wonderful "Girl's Night Out" I enjoyed last night with my sweet Relief Society (our church women's organization I'm the president of) counselors and secretaries. It was so good to go out to dinner together and talk and laugh and have such a fun time together. I can't tell you what these women mean to me and how much I love and appreciate each of them.

I love you: Dawn, Amy, Bonnie, and Vicki

I am thankful for: sweet, compassionate, caring friends, opportunities for growth, what service and loving mean. A husband that got out of his bed at 11:30 last night (even though he had an early 6:00 a.m. conference call this morning) to pick up Sam at his school after an away game. I had told him I would, and had stayed up reading, then fell asleep in the chair.

In the kitchen: For breakfast this morning, I made some coconut-oatmeal muffins (I made my own mix) and made them a little more special with a surprise strawberry jam- filled center. Very fun for a change. Also, a green smoothie for everyone. Tonight's dinner will be Asian Orange salmon with quinoa.

I am creating: Tonight Isaac and I will make these cute Valentine lolly-pop mice to give out in his class tomorrow.

I'm also thinking about making a batch of soap sometime soon. It's been a while since I've made some and I don't know why I just can't get around to it. Especially when I see myself spending lots of $ for my favorite Rosemary-Mint bars I get at the health food store. I got motivated by a book I found and bought at the library used book shelf. Hoping also to make some baked chips from the sprouted tortillas I bought the other day. Also want to make some more homemade household cleaners. Looks like I'll have a lot to share with you guys.

I am going: to have to call my mechanic neighbor (bless his heart) to see what's up with the check engine light that's on in my van. I don't have a very good feeling about it.

I am hearing: lovely bird song from outside.

I am hoping: We can help Gary find a car.

Around the house: Stuff that needs to be put away. Laundry up the wazoo.

I am reading: I'm on a China kick. Seems like whenever we study stuff in homeschool, I take off with it in my own studies. I love that. I love and crave study time. I'm reading a jr. non-fiction book (longish, but simple to understand) called In the Year of the Tiger, reading Pearl Buck's The Good Earth. I can't put it down. It's so beautifully written and really poweful. Also watched with the kids a wonderfully sweet, tear jerker Chinese foreign film we watched two years ago. (I want to own this film. LOVE it.) called The Road Home.

Also this week I finished a 500 page book/study guide called Super Simple Wellness. Loved and learned, and couldn't get enought from that one, too.

One of my favorite things: When I was just about to hop in the shower a little while ago, I was surprised to hear Keith coming into the house. He had taken the big kids to school, which is right next to his work. I couldn't believe he came all the way home (15 minutes away) just because he forgot to take the garbage bins to the curb. What a caring thing to do.

I am wearing: butter-yellow turtleneck sweater, brown pants, slippers.

A few plans for the rest of the week: going to my mom's this afternoon for Isaac's piano lesson. A meeting with a neighbor tomorrow night. Valentine's hot date with Keith on Friday night. (We'll celebrate on Monday with the kids at home.) A full day Saturday. Phyllis (my 65 year old friend) called and wants to go to lunch with me. Keith and some of the kids to the BYU basketball game (go Jimmer!) later that afternoon, and then off to the theater with the four tickets that night that our friend Carrine so kindly gave us.


  1. good for you on all that reading!!

  2. I can hear a relaxing mode in your writing! I'll be excited to read that soap recipe. Keith's kindness always touches me too - it's in his fiber! Chinese culture and history are so interesting. I read a biographical novel based on Pearl Buck's life in China called "The Pearl of China" and I loved it.I am glad you are taking the time to feel joy.
    PS: Those muffins sound decadent! :)