Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Enchanted Fairy World of Eliza

After showing you some of the artwork and creative genius of my daughter Eliza a couple of weeks ago, I thought I'd follow up today by letting you take a peak into her big "Natural Fairy Tree House" project of last summer, and her most recent "Fairy Apartment" (above). These creations are so unique and truly imaginative. She's taken things she's gathered from the yard, the woods, the scrap bag, the beach, and cleverly put them together to make her own enchanted world. I wish I could do it justice with my photography. Truly, you really have to see it in person to truly appreciate the craftmanship and creative ingenuity.

She started the "treehouse" with a recycled Indian longhouse (I'm going to show you that tomorrow. It's worth seeing.) that she and Sam constructed a few years ago. When I asked her if we should just toss them last spring when I was cleaning out the basement, she said that she'd like to do something with it. That got the ball rolling. When school let out last summer, and now when she gets a delicious block of uninteruppted time, we most likely will find her busily creating away in her hideout in our library, garage workshop, and now in her new bedroom space with the door shut. (That's so key.)

I love her eye for detail. I love how she can look at something she's picked up outside or something forgoten and tossed aside, and just know how and where it will work.
Wouldn't you love to drift away in such a romantic attic retreat? Or curl up with a good book in that little gourd nook?
The detailed pantry shelves and hanging "artwork" add so much interest.

Here's a little winding staircase.

Here's the almost completed "Fairy Treehouse" last summer.
(Today, the completed one is sitting in a dark corner of the garage. It's quite a feat to carry it inside for good lighting. I do need to take an updated picture, though.)

Lovely little writing desk with chair. I love the touch of the tiny letters and fountain pen.

Canopy bed for the master bedroom

Bedroom dresser and lamp (I wish I had a lamp like this.)

Some furniture for the living room

Nautical themed bathroom

Another desk and stool. Notice the abundance of bunny touches.
(She keeps real bunnies.)

Furnishings for the study

These are some of my favorite creations~ miniture dresses, hats, and nightie for the fairy ladies, complete with little wire hangers to hang in the closet. I'm so amazed how she comes up with these things...
Hope you enjoyed seeing these beautiful, natural creations. I'm in wonder. I'm really thinking that these could be shown in a book, in an exhibit, library, or school. Don't you think?

*Check back tomorrow for Native American Iroquois longhouses!


  1. So pretty and delicate. What patience she must have!

  2. That fairy house is amazing! And how old is Eliza? My 2 youngest girls love fairies too! I can't believe the detail and creativity in each piece that she made! I hope that you can find somewhere that she can display this masterpiece! :)

  3. The use of natural media to create this art and design together with the theme is so unique and beautiful that I think it is well deserved of being showed. Why don't you talk to her art teacher and maybe the Libraries such as the Orem one (which has space to show this kind of art) and even the Springville museum. I love the details too. She is gifted with an eye for beauty. What an inspiration for others too!
    I am in love with the details!

  4. I'm awestruck! I think there are art museums that would be delighted to show her pieces. She is such a prodigy! I can't believe the perfect details and sense of beauty. I'd love to see them in person.

  5. Eliza is a true artist! This is beautiful! I won't be surprised if she grows up to be a world famous designer! She has got such a gift!

  6. what a clever and artistic daughter u have. u must be very proud of her

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